Intelligent Registration


Stop wasting time placing returning players on teams and correcting registration errors. Jevin's Intelligent Registration system goes well beyond all other online registration solutions on the market today.


Jevin uses historical data as well as each registrant's personal information to make the registration process as error free and as easy to administer as possible. Below are some of the distinct features that make Jevin the leader in registration technology are:

  • Streamlined Registration - only collect the information you want to collect - not the information some data marketing company chooses to collect. Registrants go to YOUR web site and begin registration.

  • Automatic Placement - participants are automatically placed in the correct league/class based on their birth date and on historical registration date. A distinctive feature of Jevin is that the registration process utilizes last season's information. This prevents errors caused when registrants select the wrong group and reduces redundancy in the registration process.

  • No Banner Ads - With Jevin, your patrons do not have to go to another web site or will never see banner ads. Jevin is one of the few leading online registration providers whose registration process is 100% free of banner ads. Your patrons go to your web site to register and only to your web site.

  • Automatic Team Placement - players returning to teams are automatically placed on that team. You no longer need to spend hours moving players from a draft list to their correct divisions/teams.

  • Returning Team Verification - Players are only allowed to return to their previous team (if returning to a team is allowed by your organization). You no longer need to verify last season's team for each player - it is automatic with Jevin.

  • Roster Limits - Jevin's team registration program allows you to set roster minimums/maximums which makes sure each team's roster has the correct amount of players.

  • Data Entry - Why should you waste your valuable time entering data into a computer? Let Jevin enter all of your walk-in forms for you so that you can concentrate on the important tasks involved in running your association.
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