Jevin Automates Team Assignment and Draft

Jevin Player Draft Automated and Manual


Team Assignment and Player Draft

Jevin’s unique and integrated approach will actually do most of your team placement for you during online registration - AUTOMATICALLY. For those that use a manual draft process, Jevin has a drag/drop tool that allows you to do the team assignment in real-time during the draft. In fact, most Jevin customers who utilize a draft actually project that Jevin screen on the wall in the coach’s draft room. This allows your draft to run more quickly than the typical verbal draft.

Team Assignment Tools Only Found in Jevin

  • Team Placement During Registration - This method saves you the most time as every player who can possbile be placed during automatically placed by the Jevin registration tool. This is especially useful when you allow players to return to their previous team.

  • Automated Draft - Many times you just need to place 100+ first year players (think T-Ball or 4YO Soccer) onto teams. You could shuffle 100+ registraton pages or you could simple click a button and let Jevin assign everyone. Jevin's automated assignment tool allow you to define the criteria you with to use to organization the teams and then it does the rest.

  • Manual Draft -Many of us have participated in fantasy sports player drafts. Jevin brings many of the same features that makes those drafts efficeint to your sports league draft. Jevin takes the hassle out of having to repeat the past selections, a coach choosing a player who is already on another team, etc.

  • Admin Draft -There are times when a player agent just simply needs to manually create teams. Jevin give that admin the tools needed to make sure the teams are fair and all player requests are considered.

  • You can search all of the sports management software solutions on the market today...and you will not find one that has every team assigment option you will need. Jevin is the most complete sports management software system available today.

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