Jevin Youth Sports Online Registration

Jevin Online Registration Youth Sports


Online Registration

Most online registration companies are simply after your transaction fees. In fact, most offer very little in addition to a “cash register” function. With Jevin, you not only get an intelligent registration system…you also have the ability to choose which merchant account you wish to use…Try that with most any other registration software!

Simple and Effective...but So Powerful

Jevin’s intelligent online sports registration goes well beyond the basic registration process by integrating your registration into your team formation, game scheduling and various other functions. While most solutions ask you to take your registration data and “throw it over the wall” to a different program (if the instructions ask you to ‘export’ – it means more work for you), Jevin actually uses the registration data to minimize the amount of precious volunteer time required during registration and team assignment. Imagine - a registration system that actually works for you...instead of creating work!

Jevin also allows you to fully customize your online registration pages…even allowing you to create a custom set questions with a custom set of answers!

What Jevin registration software allows you to do:

  • choose your own merchant account
  • fully customize every question
  • fully integrate with other aspects of running your league
  • completely minimize the amount of volunteer time spent on registration
  • automated email reminders - sent only to returning players who haven't registered
  • automated team placement email - sent to every player giving team and coach contact information