Jevin provides tools for sports organizations to manage their programs. Jevin is the only solution that provides automated programs for every function within your organization. Whether you are the registrar, treasurer, scheduler, concession manager, referee/umpire assignor,coach, parent or player….Jevin has a tool to make your life easier.

About US

Jevin was founded by Dan Ptak in 2001 as one of the first Software as a Service programs. From the outset, Jevin was designed with the volunteer as the focus. As a result, Jevin is the only sport management tool on the market that

Over the course of nearly 2 decades, Jevin has used its stellar customer service and relationships with its customers to build a tool that is unmatched in both depth and breadth of functionality.

At Jevin, we have been in your shoes and understand what it takes to be successful. We know that you need your registration money ASAP which is why we have partnered with a merchant bank to ensure 2 business day deposits directly into your account. No one handles your money except of you and the merchant bank.

Product Feature


Jevin started in 2000...long before the internet was broadly accepted. From day 1, Jevin was designed as a sports management software tool intended to make it less time consuming for board members to manage sports leagues.
The difference lies in the design goals from day one. Jevin was designed to be the most comprehensive sports management software system on the market. Most other platforms were designed to be registration systems. As such, the focus for Jevin has been to help everyone who sits at the board table. That focus has allowed Jevin to provide the broadest and deepest collection of sports management software tools in the world.
A true scheduling program is very complex. It requires several man-years of effort to create a program that is easy to use while providing a comprehesive scheduler that allows for options while generating a fair and balanced schedule. Don't be fooled by other software systems that claim to have a scheduling tool when in reality you have to manually enter each game. Jevin provides a full-featured scheduler that allows you to create any schedule with the click of a mouse.


Promote Your League Management

Are you stuck using the same cumbersome sports management software? Maybe its time you promote your league.


Communication is the Key

The downfall of most sports league boards is poor communication.


Better Team Formation

Do you constantly struggle with keeping a balanced league? There are ways to improve your team formation that ensure a better balanced league.