Jevin Creates League Schedules and Creates Tournament Brackets

Jevin Creates League Schedules and Creates Tournament Brackets


League Scheduling Software

There are very few sports management software companies that actually provide automated software to schedule your games/tournaments. Most will say they have scheduling included….what they don’t tell you is that means you can either manually add one game at a time to the schedule…or you can import a third party provider’s schedule files.

Every wonder why? Because sports scheduling software requires extremely complicated programming and if your sports management software company is only concerned about your registration fees, they have little incentive to invest in providing an automated scheduling software tool. Don’t be tricked by glossy marketing that suggests a sports management software company includes a scheduling module.

Jevin’s sports schedule generator is the easiest to use and most robust scheduling tool on the market. Others have tried to copy the functionality, but no one has been able to fully match these features of Jevin’s sports scheduler:

  • completely integrated with rest of Jevin system
  • prevents double scheduling teams and venues
  • allows you to set criteria to ensure your schedule is the best for all teams
  • team, league and venue blackout requests
  • automatically balances home/away, number of games, venue usage, etc.
  • completely integrated with rest of Jevin system

  • What if it rains? The Jevin sports scheduling software includes the following features:

  • instant and automated notices of game cancellation to ALL involved including players, parents, coaches, fans, umpires and volunteers. There is NO NEED TO PURCHASE ADDITIONAL NOTIFICATION SOFTWARE that is not integrated into your sports management software system.

  • automated rescheduling – not only will the Jevin scheduling software automatically reschedule your cancelled games…it also notifies everyone involved once the game is rescheduled.